2021 Interior Design Color Trends

2021 Interior Design Color Trends

The pandemic is changing how people design their houses. Three interior designers reflect on the home trends they’re seeing right now. The COVID-19 pandemic permanently evolved our definition of “home,” inspiring us to reconsider how we use and live in our spaces. Your home is more than just a home. As a homeowner, your home can be one of your most significant assets. While it may be nice to add your own style and personal touches — shag carpeting, a built-in

I decided to try it because I’m moving into a new apartment in June. I thought it would help me lay out my furniture and make some design decisions about the new place. Spoak (a twist on “bespoke”) Mass is an important element in interior design, and can refer to actual mass – the density and solidity of a form – as well as visual mass, which is the materials used to fill a space that may not

Frequent video calls have allowed us to catch a sneak peek into Kate Middleton’s favorite decor trends, including this spring-inspired one After a year of spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes fit their new realities. Open floor

2021 Interior Design Color Trends : Today’s ceilings and walls are as critical to design palettes as furniture or lighting—and not just because they can be covered with a paint color. Industry veterans Cleghorn, Simpson team up to bring trend insight to manufacturers, retailers, importers and more. Take a look at this list of the hottest home paint colors of 2021 according to trusted home-style guides like Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping and the official Colors of the Year by paint

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