2021 Lucky Color

2021 Lucky Color

Now fans of horror soundtracks and vinyl can own Jeremy Zuckerman’s score Lucky! It’s being released by Burning Witches Records; pre-orders begin this Friday (May 21st), HERE. Listen to it now, HERE. We reached out to the top celebrity colorists to learn about the most popular hair colors coming our way for the rest of 2021. Click here to see all nine. A lot has changed for LA-based dream pop band Nightjacket in the two short years since their 2019 debut, Beauty In The Dark. Most notably, the band now sports a new vocalist, Canadian-born musician

One lucky customer who preordered the new Apple TV 4K has already received their order ahead of its official launch on Friday. Jill and Mike Landry use their Marshfield business, Beach Plum Floral, to share a love of nature across New England.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Exhibition, featuring life-size photos of the ceiling frescoes of the chapel, opened at Oakbrook Center on Wednesday, and runs through Aug. 15. The exhibition is housed Green is the color of luck, so enter now! Enter now for your chance to win a loaded 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 in Python Green from Dream Giveaway. They’ll even throw in $33,000 to pay for taxes.

2021 Lucky Color : Days ahead of their expected launch and seemingly before official review embargoes lift, one lucky customer has already gotten their hands on Beneath the scudding clouds and amid the luscious blooms, the gardeners tend the flowerbeds that were the pride and joy of I’d seen Lucky Lou’s blue trailer around town before, but always had either already eaten or opted for a shinier vehicle in the vicinity with a menu that excited me more than its basic Greek fare.

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