2021 Nail Color Trends

2021 Nail Color Trends

Looking to try something new for your mani/pedi? The so-called ugly nail color trend is actually very chic — just ask beauty influencers. Kelly is one of the growing number of male celebrities who express themselves through the language of nail art. Now, celebs like MGK are taking their affinity for glossy nails and individual nail art Lines, dots, stripes, pink, green, yellow. The options are limitless when it comes to nail art, a versatile and creative trend currently hitting social media.  Though it isn’t clear where or who

A “neon french twist” manicure features tips that are painted with neon colors versus the standard white. “The future is looking brighter, and we’re starting to see a hopeful end that’s being “Flipside” manicures are painted on the backside of the nail, giving your standard nail art a cool, hidden twist. See our favorite takes on the trend.

Short on time? These expert-approved lacquers, which all dry fast, will help you perfect your at-home manicure routine. Can occur without skin rashes and appears harmless,” Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, wrote on Twitter earlier this month. The tweet drew a lot of new attention

2021 Nail Color Trends : Fashion girls love an outlet for self-expression—and nails are the perfect canvas. Here are 31 cute nail designs fashion girls are loving right now. As easy as dyeing your hair and as cool as a pair of shades, see why everyone from rock stars to rappers are reaching for nail polish to express their style and creativity If you’re looking to up your lip game this summer, you’ll want to add some bold options into the mix. TZR found 10 bold summer lip products for you to try.

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