Best Spring Nail Colors 2021

Best Spring Nail Colors 2021

Rose gold isn’t just versatile, but can work with any nail shape or length. While you might not have access to Lizzo’s amazing stylists and beauty team, Dazzle Dry’s Starstruck provides full rose gold As easy as dyeing your hair and as cool as a pair of shades, see why everyone from rock stars to rappers are reaching for nail polish to express their style and creativity From home decor to fashion and cosmetics, we’ve rounded up the best items for feeling like you’ve got the world on a string — without putting in a ton of effort.

Believe it or not, you might be making some pricy mistakes while getting dressed. The products on this list can help prevent those mistakes from happening. From breathable tanks to tights that tuck you in, these Athleta items will help you advance your yoga practice.

I can appreciate the look of a bold pigmented matte lip, but I’m glad that the high-shine glossy trend is back. For someone who constantly has dry lips, a Can you believe it’s the fourth weekend in May and we still haven’t made it to Memorial Day? Summer (or the unofficial start of it, anyway) is so close we can taste it. But here’s the good news: You

Best Spring Nail Colors 2021 : Believe it or not, there are smartwatches worth owning other than the Apple Watch. If getting important (or not so important) notifications on your wrist in 2021 sounds appealing to you, there’s great French makeup artist Violette just launched her own beauty brand. Click here to learn more, read our reviews, and see the products on our editors. From floral pruning shears and gardening sets to healing hand balms, we’ve rounded up 18 gardening gifts for the plant-obsessed.

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