Color Conference 2021

Color Conference 2021

The first Jewish People of Color National Shabbaton will be held virtually beginning Friday, with programming aimed at education and resilience. A public university is backtracking over plans to segregate an upcoming conference by splitting up what it calls “white folx” from “people of color” thanks to a conservative news service that Floyd’s family is working to rebrand the date, May 25, as “Day of Enlightenment” because of how many people were awakened to issues of racial injustice.

Lightfoot said she was limiting anniversary interviews to journalists of color to highlight ongoing racial disparity in newsrooms, particularly in City Hall coverage. The virtual Women of Color Summit 2021, a professional development conference presented by Eleversity, offers an opportunity to engage with a national audience in discussions addressing systemic

Michigan State University will be hosting its Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning and Student Success on May 4-7. Voters in some urban, Democratic areas of Harris and Tarrant counties would see a drastic drop in polling places under the Senate version of Senate Bill 7, a Texas Tribune analysis shows.

Color Conference 2021 : It seems as if every Jew of color has “that story.” Sometimes it happens at temple, where other worshippers inquire why they are there, said Harriette Wimms, an African American psychologist from At a landmark gathering for Jews of color, hundreds will tap into a millennium-old tradition and recite the Mourner’s Kaddish for Floyd this weekend. In an interview set to air on “Soul of a Nation,” Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., said she’s “hopeful” about police reform, even if they’ve missed Biden’s Tuesday deadline.

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