Color Report Autumn 2021

Color Report Autumn 2021

A series of high-profile antisemitic and racist incidents over the past school year brought attention to diversity and inclusion issues at UConn, but hundreds of students of color report feeling As more Americans receive Covid-19 vaccines and schools move to reopen widely, leaders are doing their best to make sure everyone gets the memo: School is happening in-person this fall. California Gov We both enjoy photography, nature, history and love the fall color. Lighthouses are always a favorite, as are historic hotels and restaurants. As far as Michigan, I have only been to Detroit and

“While it’s great that a lot of community foundations, for example, fund around poverty in their community, it’s really important that we also ask them ‘OK, what are you doing for Black people Massachusetts continues to relax COVID-19-related public health measures like its mask order and indoor gathering limits. The Department of Elementary and

By Ned Oliver The Virginia Mercury Virginia Military Institute’s superintendent says he’s not surprised by the findings in a law firm’s scathing report released Tuesday that Shades of Blue was a short-lived serial drama about crooked police officers in which one character had a saying: “The proof is in the paperwork.” It didn’t matter what really happened on a given day,

Color Report Autumn 2021 : A lawsuit charging that California has failed to offer equal education to low-income students of color during the pandemic will get its first hearing in state Superior Court on Friday. The hearing Her administration later announced that students would need to provide a doctor’s note giving a medical reason to remain home. Bowser did not go as far as New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio (D), who said he Virginia Military Institute has tolerated and not addressed “institutional racism and cantikism,” and the institution should be held accountable to make sure it implements a series of reforms, an indepen

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