Color Run Chicago 2021

Color Run Chicago 2021

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Wednesday defended her decision to grant interviews on her two-year anniversary in office only to journalists of color. Lightfoot said she was limiting anniversary interviews to journalists of color to highlight ongoing racial disparity in newsrooms, particularly in City Hall coverage. The Streamwood Park District’s new 5K Run is even brighter and more colorful than its predecessor. On Saturday, June 12, join the Streamwood Park District as it introduces a new 5K to the community –

Insisting that diversity and inclusion are “imperative” in all things, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has offered one-on-one interviews to journalists of specific skin color only. Even some of her Lori Lightfoot was only accepting one-on-one interviews from journalists who are people of color. A Latino reporter at the The Chicago Tribune then canceled a interview with the mayor.

In Color,” an exhibit of 65 of the Chicagoan’s color images, the majority of which have not been shown before, and excerpts from some of her 8mm films. Yugen, a fine-dining Japanese restaurant with a Michelin star in Chicago, closed as chef Mari Katsumura said she will step away from the industry.

Color Run Chicago 2021 : Tony La Russa is digging a hole on the south side of Chicago that he might not be able to climb out of, Ben Verlander writes. Michael Fassnacht was taking a token salary and holding down the fort at World Business Chicago after Andrea Zopp departed. It was not immediately clear what his salary will be now that he has JPMorgan Chase will promote two women to jointly manage the bank’s consumer finance division — the bank’s biggest business by far — potentially signaling that a woman

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