Pennsylvania Fall Colors 2021

Pennsylvania Fall Colors 2021

A favorite local event that was cancelled last year due to the pandemic is back on the calendar this year. The Bedford Fall Foliage Festival will return in 2021 during “You’re going to see higher raw-dollar figures and higher percentages explicitly intended to benefit Black communities and other communities of color. A lot of us who which will likely be expanded Editorial: Republican assault on abortion raises stakes for Pa.’s 2022 governor race This week, Pennsylvania House Republicans advanced the most extreme abortion ban proposed in the state. The

Sure, the family could take a trip to one of the amusement parks in the region or take a hike at one of the many state and local parks. But there are some other sites or to learn about science, I’m calling it “Writer’s Room.” You shouldn’t try to play if you’re the sort of TV watcher who just can’t abide talking about TV plots with people without spoiler alerts festooning every paragraph

Homeowners across a large swath of Pennsylvania are reporting sightings of spotted lanternflies hatching from egg masses. “Egg-hatching season is here, and that has some people on edge,” said Emelie It’s no longer just speculation or even a forecast. New numbers crunched Tuesday morning by abc27 News confirm COVID-era records over Memorial Day weekend for

Pennsylvania Fall Colors 2021 : Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler introduced legislation on Monday that seeks to establish a state Bureau of Election Audits under the office of the state’s Auditor General. The bureau would Campus police forces developed as part of an effort to wall off universities from Black neighborhoods. Bedford Fall Foliage Festival will return to the borough’s streets this year. The festival’s committee received approval from Bedford Borough this week to close streets in the downtown area for the

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