Spring 2021 Hair Color Trends

Spring 2021 Hair Color Trends

With the pandemic stressing everyone out, a hair color switch-up is exactly the change you need. 2021 is all about the low maintenance and undone look — get those roots ready now, so that when In March 2020, hairstylists put down their shears and turned off buzzing electric razors. Hair itself was left to its own devices. Everyone associates fashion’s purest form with ornate evening gowns. But Armani begs to differ: He makes couture to wear in real life, albeit a very rarefied form of real life.

Summer’s biggest beauty trends is always in its own little bubble when it comes to makeup, much like Christmas has its own special looks Everyone responds differently to stress, and after a year of shared tumult some unpredictable outcomes have included: influencers raising chickens, and an egg salad sandwich T-shirt selling like

International Market Centers (IMC) announced that its exclusive TrendWatch program will highlight 70 products from nearly 50 exhibitors through a webinar, in a free digital “flip book” and in a JRNOLA dives into the fads we’ve all come to embrace including athleisure, the rise of gender-fluid fashion, drag culture and the emergence — and importance — of supporting Black-owned clothing

Spring 2021 Hair Color Trends : Last year we saw colored roots, bunny-tail blonde, and earthy rose tones take over salons and Instagram feeds across the globe — including in London, where some of the world’s best stylists are From bold color palettes to fewer bridesmaids, we asked event planners to share what’s trending for this summer and beyond. While some stars chose elegant black for the pandemic-era Oscars. Some rocked the red carpet in bright oranges and pinks.

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