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2021 Civic Si Honda Colors

2021 Civic Si Honda Colors After Honda took the veils off the four-door sedan in April, the all-new Civic will be joined by the five-door hatchback on June 23rd. The more practical option is made at the automaker’s Indiana The recently revealed Honda Civic sedan is set to get some company, the automaker set to […]

2021 Honda Civic Si Colors

2021 Honda Civic Si Colors This is the fifth time I drive the Honda Civic Type R and whenever I strap myself in its enormous racing seats, it surprises me. Quite steep for a Type R but it’s more than just a red-badged Civic. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an FD2 Honda Civic Type R […]

2021 Civic Si Colors

2021 Civic Si Colors It’s been nearly 6 years since Honda’s fantastic 10th generation Civic launched, and we’ve been wondering how Honda would be able to top such a well rounded package. The 11th generation Civic looks to The Spheres City x Tangible Utopias, the visionary VR franchise directed by Ioana Mischie,Wins the prestigious Open […]