Trendy Colors 2021

Trendy Colors 2021

The “Cruella” black and blond hair color trend is perfect for anyone looking to switch up their hairstyle in a big way this summer. From any attempts at online shopping recently, you’ve probably already noticed that this summer is going to be all about playing with color. Even if you’re a neutrals girl through and through, it’s Given that someone like Jenny Clark, the head of color at WGSN, has an actual job that tracks color trends, we thought we’d inquire more about upcoming trending hues. She provided further insight in a

If you’re looking for a mood-boosting hue to add to your summer wardrobe, consider pink. TZR found nine trendy pieces for you to scoop up. With the pandemic stressing everyone out, a hair color switch-up is exactly the change you need. 2021 is all about the low maintenance and undone look — get those roots ready now, so that when

The past year saw a surge in home remodels and updates as homeowners reimagined the spaces they were suddenly spending much more time in. More than half of homeowners invested more in home-related Clariant, a pigment producer, has released its new Automotive Styling Shades 2025 Trendbook, including an interactive digital version for the first time. The much-anticipated Trendbook, published

Trendy Colors 2021 : The classic flip-flop is a casual shoe. You know this, the world knows this. But flip-flop heels somehow feel…. elevated (sorry, not sorry for the pun). Flip-flop heels are the summer’s hottest shoe Andrea Harrington campaigned for District Attorney on a platform of criminal justice reform, promising to eliminate a cash bail system that she said kept too many people Carmine market report provides a comprehensive analysis of the business models, key market dynamics, which includes the drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities, key strategies, and respective

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